The online community for people supporting someone they love

The online community for people supporting someone they love. 



We set up Bolster to empower the friends and family of people experiencing mental ill-health. 

When a loved one becomes ill, those around them are often the first to notice, are desperate to help, and are crucial to recovery.

But without the right information and people who really empathise, those closest to the sufferer often feel helpless, stressed and isolated. 

We want to change that. 

Bolster is the world's first community for supporters. 

A social network where you can go to find practical guidance and emotional reassurance from experts and other people like you.

A destination for the friends and family to get their own form of support when their loved one is distressed. 

Personalised information on how to best support a loved one, navigate health services or optimise treatment. 

Find others with shared experience to connect with and confide in, both nearby and around the world. 

Expert advice
Surgeries with expert clinicians and academics to answer the tricky questions and provide advice. 

The reassurance and emotional support that can only come from being part of a community of people facing the same ups and downs. 

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We are still building the platform, but you can join our waiting list now to be kept up to date with our progress.

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